Growth Tools: SaaS Tools, Opportunities, and Predictions

August 9, 2022
Growth Tools: SaaS Tools, Opportunities, and Predictions

Marketing isn’t getting any easier.

Free marketing channels are crowded. Paid marketing channels are expensive. It’s a can’t win scenario for most.

How are you going to escape the rat race?

Growth tools allow companies capture attention with evergreen assets. These can be calculators, games, directories, aggregators, checklists, apps or something else. These are independent tools that allow new website visitors to get some sort of value.

Growth Tools


  • No-code tools will make it easy to build growth tools. If you can tie together logic, you can build evergreen marketing assets.
  • Growth tools will become as competitive as content marketing. When building becomes as easy as writing, the companies will begin to copy the same growth tools as competitors.


  • Create cheat sheets, resource libraries, or directories. These require no technical background, and it allows companies to build authority as subject matter experts.
  • Buy growth tools instead of building them. Traffic is the hardest part of running a business in the attention economy. Expect successful brands to acquire websites and niche aggregators that have captured attention they can convert into customers for their brand.
  • Clone successful growth tools. We live in a copycat world. Expect growth tool cloning from competitors.
  • Host growth tools on your domain. This will help you build backlinks as others are more likely to share the growth tools on your site.
  • Boost the virality of your games and quizzes with a send to friend feature.

Bottom Line

The best type of marketing is when the customer doesn’t know it’s marketing.

Growth tools help companies build evergreen assets that create immediate value for new website visitors. The goal of marketing is to convert awareness into trust into purchases, and growth tools speed up that process.

As attention shrink, expect businesses to invest more into growth tools instead of pouring money into blog posts and content marketing.

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